Catching Up.

A lot has happened since my last post.  I have been reading my favourite food blogs and doing some of the recipes and found numerous other interesting food blogs.

I love bread baking blogs and various recipes though I don’t often stray from my usual wholewheat recipe except I tend to put in less wholewheat flour so that the bread is not so heavy and dense as wholewheat bread can be.  I have had a go at making pizza which has sometimes been hit and miss but the latest recipe proved to be much better.  I did not have success freezing the pizza dough and then baking it so I will have to just do it fresh each time for the moment.

Winter of 08/09 we were in UK the whole time and I did not do a lot of baking except bread and some typical English recipes such as apple crumble and dishes with bacon since I can buy what I call decent bacon over there.  Back bacon which is more lean and I always kept some in the fridge.

We enjoyed a Devon cream tea when we went to Devon for a few days and then bought some clotted cream and took back to Dorset with us where we stayed and I made scones so that we had our own cream tea!

So much variety of food in England and lots of ready made to buy which are not always healthy but some are real time savers and unless you enjoy cooking does not inspire one to cook at all.  One example of this is the crumble you can buy to put over the top of fruit.  So easy and hardly worth making yourself it taste so good.

English Cheddar cheese is so good so we always kept plenty of that in the fridge as well.  Various kinds of sausages and Cox’s apples which are only found, as far as I know in England.  Small salad tomatoes, as they call them are available all year and much better than the very large ones we get in N. America.

I could go on and on but I won’t.  We are heading back again for this winter being on the south coast where it is warmer in winter.


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