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English Afternoon Tea

January 23, 2008

In the Library the other day I came across an Afternoon Tea recipe book. Quite obvious by the front cover and pictures inside it was a typical English afternoon tea. The Author who is American has travelled a good deal around the world and has put this book together very nicely.

I looked through to find toasted English Tea Cakes. Wow! first recipe I have found with a photograph of just what a teacake looks like. I hope soon to try it out. Then on looking at the cake section she has a Coffee Cake in true English style. This is a sponge cake, not unlike the Victoria Sandwich which has 2 teaspoons of instant coffee dissolved in a 1 Tablespoon of water added to the mixture – hence making a coffee cake. Chopped walnuts were added to the mixture. The frosting was made with a little cream, butter, sugar and again coffee dissolved in water. The frosting is put in the middle of the cake and remainder on top with chopped walnuts as decoration. A real coffee cake!

I made this cake the other day with my UK self-raising flour and must say it turned out great. I did not do the frosting this time around, but next time I will. I don’t have much UK flour left. That means another trip to UK I guess!!