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Toasted Teacakes

December 26, 2007

Sorry to be harking on what I saw and had in UK when visiting a few months ago, but one thing we did have while visiting a cousin was a toasted teacake.

This is a light soft bread kind of roll with currants in which is toasted and enjoyed with butter melting on it and jam on top if liked.  It’s good either way.  So can you get these in North America?  Not on your life. 

I have been on the net. trying to find a recipe to make these and that too has been the hardest thing.  I have looked on UK recipe sites and I found two.  One I made which did not come out right, it was a cross between a scone and a rock cake!  No yeast in it.  The other is Mrs. Beetons which has yeast in it, but so far I have not made them.  When I do, and if they don’t work out, then I’ll just have to wait until my next visit to UK – which I hope will be the end of 2008, it will be autumn going into winter and just the right time for toasted teacakes!