Just a little cooking.

Having been away in UK for all of September and  busy since then, I have not done much cooking.

 I brought back with me some self-raising flour which seems to have more umph! than that in North America because I don’t have to use baking powder as is called for in all recipes here.   So I gave it whirl and made a Victoria Sponge sandwich cake which turned out good and recently I made some scones which also turned out well.  Neither one needed baking powder, soda or anything else.

So for the moment that is as far as I’ve got.  When the flour is finished I’ll be back to making scones with the usual plain flour found in the stores here.  The sponge cake will have to wait until I visit UK again, since making it is quite a hopeless affair here.  I will stick to my regular recipes that I use from Food TV or wherever else I have collected them from.


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