Good Scones at last!

I have numerous recipes for scones, basically mostly the same, except one or two have an egg, or egg and milk which would seem to me to make for a sticky/wet dough.  One has buttermilk, which I have yet to try, otherwise they are the usual 2 cups of flour, a little salt, half or three quarter stick of butter, little sugar and the usual baking powder, which ranges from 1-2 teaspoons.    These days the rubbing in of the flour and butter is done in the processor which makes life much easier.

 My problem has always been that my scones have turned out on the dry side instead of being light and fluffy.  A friend said try adding a little cream of tartar to the mix, so I did just that and hey presto!  Light scones.  A little fluffy, not much, but they are the best I’ve ever made.   Another time, I will try it with an egg but no milk, it will be too wet.  I will try my recipe using buttermilk another time down the road.

One recipe has some blurb at the heading and it says the less you fuss with scones they better they turn out.  I found that to be true.

 I will be in UK for a few weeks and I’ll be in a holiday apartment so I hope to make some scones using the English Self-Raising flour, no baking powder needed and see how they turn out.  I’ll buy some double Devon cream when we are in Devon and we’ll have our own cream tea!   We plan on having a cream tea while out, but it would also be nice to have our own. 

I also hope to make a sponge cake –  a Victoria Sandwich kind and see how that turns out.  Making it with baking powder just doesn’t work out for me.

 So right now I am very pleased with my results on scones even though we have to have them with butter and jam or in the case of husband he has marmalade.  I don’t know what he’ll do when we have a cream tea out – he says he’ll stick with the jam!


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