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May 11, 2007

As a child my mother would buy flapjacks from a certain cake shop in the south of England whenever we visited the area.  I think it is now closed, but I plan to check it out when I next visit.

I have several recipes for flapjacks and although there is a slight variation, basically they are the same with 2 cups of quick cooking oats, one stick of butter, half a cup of brown sugar.  The butter is melted and stirred into the other ingredients and baked for 25-30 mins @ 350F.

 Because of the butter content, I prefer to use half a stick and add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and  keep it a little more on the healthy side.   One recipe says you can add chocolate chips and another says add chopped nuts, or add chocolate and nuts.   We have so enjoyed the plain flapjacks, which I have now made a few times, first in many years, that I stick to the plain recipe,  but I will move myself in the not too distant future to add some chocolate.

We are just about to eat the last two slices with our usual  banana and French Vanilla yogurt, so it’s time to get cracking and make some more!