Bread Pudding Again!

The other day I recently came across some more bread pudding recipes.  I had visited a website by Paul Hollywood from England who bakes bread.  I found from his site and found a recipe for Date and Walnut Bread Pudding and another for Blueberry Bread and Butter Pudding.

 It is an English thing to do Bread and Butter Pudding raisons and both these recipes have softened butter or melted butter in them.  The idea is to spread the softened butter on the sliced bread and lay in the dish.  This really is not necessary and I don’t do this.  I do the usual bread pudding recipe with eggs, milk, sugar.  In this case you add the dates and walnuts and with the blueberry one you add the fruit and sprinkle sliced almonds on top and bake.

 I have yet to make these two, but before long I will.  We enjoy the coffee chocolate one so much I made it yet again.  Now for a change next time around.  I think I’ll do the date and walnut first.  A butterscotch recipe was given following it, so it can be served with it, but that could be too sweet and either French Vanilla yogurt or vanilla icecream would probably be better.  Or served alone who knows that could do just as well.

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