Poached Pears.

I have never really got in to making poached pears for a dessert, but recently I watched Jacques Pepin on TV and he poached pears in red wine.  Nothing new, but somehow it looked so good it inspired me to give it a go, and it is so easy.

He also poached them in a coffee syrup, that is delicious.  Cooking for two I halved the quantity – just 2 pears and one cup of coffee.  He uses left over coffee, but I just made a cup of instant coffee with brown sugar to taste and poured over the pears.  They are brought to the boil and then covered and simmered for 15-20 minutes.  Remove pears to a dish and reduce liquid so that it thickens to a syrup.

I always have trouble with that, it doesn’t thicken that much, but I just pour it over the pears. He served his with organic vanilla icecream and since I had some in the freezer (we only eat organic icecream) I served it on top.  Quite delicious.

I am sure with some thought there must be other flavors one can poach pears in, so I’ll start thinking and check recipes elsewhere.

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