Bread Pudding.

Bread Pudding is either making an appearance in the food magazines or on TV and then on blogs. 

My mother used to make this as a dessert when I was a child, but it was called bread and butter pudding, simply because the bread was buttered, why I don’t know.   These days there is no mention of buttering the bread, you just do a basic recipe of eggs and milks and soak  the bread in it with raisons and it’s called bread pudding.

 There seem to many variations of flavor for bread pudding, whether it is almond, chocolate or whatever one desires to do.  I found a recipe for a chocolate coffee bread pudding on that had been adapted from a Food TV recipe, and I made it, adapting it again in that I made half quantity, I did not use coffee liquer because I don’t have any, I used instant coffee in hot water and I added raisons.  I also did not use half and  half, but instead used milk, it works just as well.

It turned out very good and chocolately, so two weeks later I made it again.  From time to time I plan to  have this on our menu for dessert it was so good.

 I also found a recipe for an apple bread pudding which also turned out well.  Just the basic bread pudding recipe with the usual 2 eggs and 2 cups of milk.  The apple is cubed and can be cooked a little first if desired, or put straight in mixed up with the bread and raisons as well.  It worked well, and we enjoyed that too, but our favourite was definitely the chocolate and coffee.

There are bound to be many more varieties for this recipe, it’s a case of using the imagination which can know no limits.

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