Eggs is Eggs and Cheese Too!

Eggs and cheese are used in countless dishes from breads to quiche to omlettes and crepes to name just a few dishes.

Eggs are delicious whether boiled, fried, scrambled or poached.  Scrambled eggs are said to the most unhealthy way of cooking them because of the immediate high heat involved in the cooking.

That being said, I recently read of somebody who enjoyed a scrambled egg sandwich, and although I’m sure I’ve had one at some time in the distant past, it has been a long time.  So I have now started having an occasional sandwich.  I make the toast and then cook the scrambled egg to be moist not dry.  I make a sandwich and put a little ketchup on the side to dip into.  Delicious!

At one time eggs were given a bad rap, but not any more.  Granted those folks with high cholesterol have to limit their intake or avoid eating them altogether.  The white of an egg is the healthiest part since the yolk has the high fat content, but that is also the yummy part.  What to do?  As in all things moderation is the key.

Cheese can be a delight as an after dinner course when the cheese board with crackers is placed on the table with a selection of three or four cheeses and maybe some fruit with it.

Cheese is made in and comes from many countries and they all have their own distinctive flavor.  Gouda is from Holland, Feta from Greece, the delightful English Cheddar which is a harder cheese and has a taste of its own when produced in England.  Then we have Brie and Parmesan used not only in a dish but often Parmesan is grated on top of a dish or on top of soup.

Goat’s cheese is another with quite a taste of its own – stronger in taste because the milk of a goat is stronger.

Grilled cheese sandwiches are enjoyed my many and indeed a cheese slice or two is often put as a topping on a panini sandwich, and often a slice will top an open sandwich before it is put under the grill.

For those who are lactose intolerant soy cheese is a good alternative.

What ever happens, cheese crops up everywhere- and eggs do too! 

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