Coffee Cake or Coffee in Cake?

Coffee cake can mean a sponge cake with a streusal mixture of nuts, sugar and cinnamon layered in the middle and on the top of the cake.

It is eaten while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea at breakfast time or other times of the day.

However, coffee cake should surely be what it says – a cake where you taste the coffee.

You make a sponge cake which either has coffee essence added or you dissolve instant coffee in water and add to the batter.  Hence when eaten you taste the coffee along with any frosting that also has coffee incorporated in it, thereby making it a true coffee cake whether you drink coffee or tea with it.

It seems difficult to find a coffee cake recipe, meaning coffee in flavor – it must be an English or European thing.  Yet such a cake does exist.

So the difference must be in the fact that a coffee cake with streusal topping is a North American thing and a coffee cake where you taste the flavor must be an English/European thing!

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