Tea For Two!

“Tea for two please.”   You may be out shopping with a friend or meeting a friend for afternoon tea. 

In England this is a common occurrence where you find a nice teashop with old English decor and you ask for a pot of tea for two.  Or you might be ordering full afternoon tea which usually starts with dainty cucumber sandwiches, or egg, or salmon sandwiches.  Various fillings are offered in different tearooms.  This is often followed by cakes and along with it is a pot of tea for two.

In the south of England, Devon and Cornwall,  afternoon tea could easily be a Cream Tea which comprises of scones with strawberry jam and thick clotted cream – a specialty in Devon and Cornwall.  This also can be followed by cakes along with a pot of tea.  Some say you spread on the jam first and top off with cream, while others will say you spread on lots of cream first and top off with jam.  Whichever way you choose, it must be good.

Personally I would always spread jam on first and top off with cream.  Yum!  It’s a long time since I had a cream tea, many years in fact.  Time I made a visit and headed down south to enjoy.  Now how much are the flights?

Clotted cream and more cream,  not good for the arteries, but as my motto goes ‘all things in moderation!’

Now all of this could spoil your evening meal.  The alternative would be to have a main meal lunchtime and have the tea late afternoon and something lighter in the evening.  Whatever you choose afternoon tea is a very pleasant way of passing an hour or two.

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