Green Tea, The Good Drink.

Green tea is frequently in the news, whether it be on TV or in the newspaper or articles in one magazine or another.

This tea is full of antioxidants and we are told by drinking at least one cup a day, more is preferable, that it may protect from heart attacks.  It can keep the blood pressure steady and healthy and it is a good drink to protect against cancer and even cancer patients can benefit from it.

I know one person who had cancer and started to drink green tea among other good things he was taking and last year was pronounced cancer free.  He was not on medication nor did he have treatments of any kind, so the cancer was not serious enough as I recall, but he had to be careful.  Whether green tea helped, I don’t know, but since there is so much written about it, it surely does not hurt to drink it.

 I personally don’t like green tea, but recently I discovered a blend, of which there are several blends, but this one is Green Tea and Earl Grey tea.  Now Earl Grey tea I quite like, though I rarely drink it, so I thought I would give it a try and I must say I like this blend and most days I now drink Green Tea/Earl Grey.    

If this means it is good for me, my heart, the arteries, blood pressure, cholesterol, help to cut the risk of cancer and whatever else it is supposed to be good for, then I will drink a cup a day, even more when I can, in between the number of required glasses of water and regular tea that I enjoy. 

Oh, and  not long ago I read a recipe on green tea cupcakes!  Now there’s a thought, though I don’t make cupcakes.  Muffins are more my thing so maybe there’s a way of incorporating green tea into a muffin recipe.  I will do a search and see what I find.

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