Now It’s Carrot Cake and Olive Oil!

I have just  been reading some blogs on carrot cakes.  Very interesting.  The thing that puts me off the most to making this cake is the grating of the carrots.  I make it from time to time when I feel in the mood of not minding to grate carrots.

 I have a few recipes in my collection and so I made a carrot cake yesterday.  It was light as a feather and well received by all.  Delicious.  Perhaps when one finds a good recipe out of a collection it would be a good idea to ditch the remainder, because how often would you use them, having found one that is particularly good.

I always make my carrot cakes without the frosting!  Why?  Too much sugar and I am not a lover of cream cheese.  Instead I serve it with banana and French Vanilla yogurt which is equally as good.

I have a recipe for carrot cake muffins taken from Barefoot Contessa herself and they are good too. 

So many cooks use so much butter which might give the finished product a good taste, but too much, too often are not good for the arteries.  So what to do?  Whenever possible, and that is quite often I use olive oil instead for making cakes, muffins and suchlike.  I would like to use it for cookies, but more often than not olive oil does not produce a good cookie.  I do have a couple of recipes given out by a large health store online for chocolate thumbprint cookies using cocoa instead of chocolate and they are good.

I cook with olive oil all the time and often use it in the skillet, though I have read many times that when it is heated it is changed and can be carcinogenic.   I always use it to make a sauce instead of butter.

I have just read an article that said the best oil to use in the skillet is coconut oil which is more healthy.  I would  not have thought of it and can’t say I have seen it in the store, though the article did say it can be found in health stores, so I’ll have to take a look.

 So even for carrot cakes olive oil can be used instead of butter and it turns out just as good.  I know olive oil can be used in making muffins and I do so all the time in place of butter.  It can also be used in some sponge cakes and I have tried it in one recipe which has olive oil as part of the ingredients.  It also turned out good.  So I guess sometimes one has to experiment and see what happens.

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