Cupcakes all the Rage!

Just today I pick up another magazine and there is a section on cupcakes.  Just when I thought I had seen all there is to see in cupcakes there is lots more.  For the Love of Cupcakes,  this time geared to kids and I guess parties whether it be a birthday party or just a cupcake party!

They print two basic cupcake recipes, one vanilla and the other chocolate – pretty straightforward, but then we get into the decorating of them.  There’s the Owl cupcake, Frog cupcake, Ladybug cupcake.  There’s  one called All Aboard cupcakes which is a train of cupcakes set on red licorice that make the rail tracks.  Cappuccino cupcakes and to top it off a carousel of  cupcakes all decorated in what looks like fondant in white, purple and pink with fondant animals around.  You have to see that to really appreciate it.  It looks very good, but it must be very sweet.

So it just goes to show that cupcakes are all the rage right now and who knows how long it will last.

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