Winter and Soup!

When it’s a cold day and lunch time rolls around a hot bowl of soup and some crusty bread fills the bill.

 We all have our favorites, but I guess tomato soup is probably one of the most popular with a good French Onion soup being close behind, though sadly it is not always on the menu.  May be they don’t know how to make a good one.

These days there are a number of soup and salad and sandwich places around.

Making soup at home is easy now we have blenders and hand held blenders (boats they are called) and you can choose whether to have a thick soup or a thin soup or a chunky vegetable soup.

For the two of us, we prefer the thicker kind of soup, the exception being French Onion soup.  I sometimes stick to making a carrot soup and tend to wear it out, but not long ago I made a sweet potato soup and cooked some broccoli pieces and other vegetables to add to it, making it more of a meal.

 I have several soup recipes but I have’nt got around to making them – I could be in a bit of a rut!  Time to try something else.

In the past I have made mushroom soup which was very good and also broccoli soup.  I adapted a minestrone soup where I added navy beans at the end.  I think that might be in some recipes, but not the one I have.  I have also tried lately cooking a small amount of pasta, either rotini or small shells, the idea I got from Food TV.  It makes soup more interesting and goes well with any vegetables – making the soup more into a main course dish.

Years ago – about 30 years, when we lived in Johannesburg we went to an elegant English type of restaurant in Sandton where I would choose Brussel Sprout soup.  It was different and delicious.  Your rarely hear of it, so I must get around to making it,  that is when I can get my hands on some Brussel Sprouts that don’t cost an arm and a leg!

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